AnimeCons TV: Don't Be That Guy in Panels

Episode 710: Don't Be That Guy in Panels

Show Notes for "Don't Be That Guy in Panels"

Episode #:
Release Date:
March 9, 2015
Running Time:
Hosted by:
Robert Scholz, Elizabeth O'Malley, Shiva, Patrick O'Malley, Jamila Sisco

Show Notes:
Elizabeth shares some common annoyances that sometimes occur during panel discussions at a convention. Sometimes there may be a fellow attendee whose behavior becomes disruptive or annoying to others in attendance. When talking about the panel later, people may refer to "that guy". In this segment, we provide some helpful advice on how not to become "that guy".

This episode originally appeared in Episode 4 of the Podcast in April/May 2009.

Theme by Karl Kornfeld
Additional music by DJ KTF

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