AnimeCons TV: April/May 2009

Episode 4: April/May 2009

Show Notes for "April/May 2009"

Episode #:
Release Date:
May 1, 2009
Running Time:
Hosted by:
R. "Sketch" Scholz

Show Notes:
This month, we have announcements from Anime Expo, Daisho Con, Ikasucon, Anime Mid-Atlantic, San Japan, New York Anime Festival, Anime Evolution, and EirtaKon.

With the anime music video contest being one of the most popular events at many anime conventions, getting the highest quality footage available is necessary in order to have a good looking video. Shiva, an award winning AMV creator, shares some of her advice for getting the footage you need from anime or video games into your video.

In the first of a running series, Elizabeth shares some common annoyances that sometimes occur during panel discussions at a convention. Sometimes there may be a fellow attendee whose behavior becomes disruptive or annoying to others in attendance. When talking about the panel later, people may refer to "that guy". In this segment, we provide some helpful advice on how not to become "that guy". Other "Don't Be That Guy" segments will appear in future episodes.

In Q&A, Devon asks, "Is there anything that you should carry with you inside a convention?"

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